Kris Nair

Kris, co-founder and CEO of Exseed Space, is an experienced technocrat with more than fifteen years of entrepreneurial, corporate development and global product management experience. He has witnessed first-hand & contributed to the disruptive nature of the technology revolution and its transformational impact across consumer internet, mobile, AEC, energy, defence & aerospace, video+music, real estate tech and digital media.

Ashhar Farhan

Farhan, co-founder and CTO of Exseed Space, has over 26 years experience in radio communications and space technologies. He is also the founder of dynamic high tech startups such as Hfsigs, Spokn and cultural startup Lamakaan. Farhan was inducted into the CQ Hall of fame in 2018.


Sanjay Nekkanti
Head of Business Development

Sanjay, Head of Business Development at Exseed Space, is a seasoned space entrepreneur bringing in a rich experience of building small satellites, earth stations & stratospheric payloads in India, Singapore & Sweden.

Sujatha Ramani
Director of Product Management

Sujatha, Director of Product Management at Exseed Space, has a rich experience of over 18 years in program management in prestigious companies such as Microsoft.

Kalpana S R
Head of Operations and Talent Management

Kalpana, Head of Operations and Talent Management at Exseed Space, holds an MBA from Symbiosis and has worked in a wide range of operational and HR roles in her professional career.

George Philips
Head of mechanical engineering

Has had a wide and varied experience in diverse engineering fields for over 40 years. He worked as General Manager Manufacturing for the Indian arm of Kathrein Werke KG, Rosenheim, Germany and set up an antenna manufacturing plant in India for them. He owned an antenna manufacturing firm.

Krishna Chatpar
Chief of staff

Krishna is the chief of staff of Exseed Space and works with the CEO on global strategic partnerships. Before joining Exseed, Krishna worked on complex information architecture projects for global agencies and startups. He has a background in physics and astronomy, and has a deep love for science.

Sanket Daundkar
Mechanical Engineer

Sanket, Young and Dynamic Mechanical Engineer having technical expertise in Satellite Design and Development. Prior to joining Exseed Space he was working at ISRO UR Rao Satellite Centre. He also has expertise in Battery Technology for Satellite and Electric Vehicle.