What we do

We build products and scalable technologies for the space exploration industry. We are developing a satellite platform with a primary focus on assembly, integration, testing and operation of satellites.

Our first mission is scheduled for November 2018 on Falcon 9 making us the first private Indian company to send a satellite to space. We are also part of the private consortium who won the historic AIT bid to build large satellites for the Indian Government.

Contract Satellite Manufacturing

Exseed Space is working towards setting up India’s first contract satellite manufacturing facility. Once operational, the facility will cater to the growing global demands of manufacturing Cubesats, Nano-sats & Micro-sats (1U/2U/3U/6U).

Platforms We build are based on units of 10cm by 10cm by 10cm Cubesats.

1U to 2U Cubesats enables us to perform  simple experiments in space for signal reception and Earth Observation.

Additionally, it is the perfect platform to use for quick trainings on nanosatellite integration and operations in space.

Large Platforms

Exseed Space provides bespoke design configurations for many customers. This can include larger platforms of 8-16 U to accommodate larger payloads and to achieve increased power capabilities with deployable sun-tracking solar panels.


We support a wide range of payload from software-defined radios to tracking instruments to earth observation solutions. These can be for scientific purposes, private, government, educational institution or individual.

Communication Satellite Constellation

Exseed Space believes in building and delivering communication services using small satellite constellations. We are focusing on solutions around M2M communications, Vessel tracking & RF signals monitoring from space.